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Ways to Get Creative During The Quarantine

Ways to Get Creative During The Quarantine

We are on our 4th week of the Enhanced Community Quarantine and it was extended until the end of the month. Right now, we are out of ideas about the things we can do at home. We tried the famous Dalgona coffee. We went crazy with Tiktok. Or finished all the movies and TV series on Netflix. Now we stare at the distant space that is our wall – reflecting on other activities to keep us preoccupied. Now, the possibilities seem scarce – the way our grocery supplies and sanity are getting dangerously low. In my last article, I recommended 100+ things for us to do now that we are home 24/7. They range from practical adulting activities, house organization, and virtual engagements. Today I will give the spotlight to creative pursuits.

This global crisis took a toll on our mental health. Most of us drown in the depth of anxiety, depression, and fear. That is when creativity becomes more helpful. Numerous studies prove the benefit of art therapy in treating anxiety and depression.

The meditative mindset that comes with artistic hobbies (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.) has a calming effect in the nervous system. It stimulates serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that regulates the mood. That is why experts recommend that we engage in creative activities.

Without further ado, here is a list of the ways for you to get your hands busy:

Start a journal.

Create a zine.

Organize the souvenirs you’d collected.

Try microwave recipes.

Make a scrapbook of your travels.


Make a patch.

Upcycle old clothes.

Upcycle old furniture.


Practice hand lettering.

Make a collage.

Write fiction.

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