The Analog System for the New Normal: How My Notebooks Keep me Sane During the Pandemic

Make memories last.

Dreaming of what should have been.
Yearning for what had been.
Let go of the boxes of the mind
and explore life to its fullest potential.

The Archive

Introducing Hiraya at Gunita, your safe space for your hopes, dreams, and memories. It is home – a place where you can fill pages with moments and phenomenal ideas, a haven you can be yourself without judgment, and your outlet for your creative itch.

Belle De Jour Essentials Notebook


An ode to the analog way

Stabilo fineliner

Memory Lane

Excerpts from the past

Personal Life

Chronicles of the mundane

Sherlene Angeles

Meet Sherlene, your memories custodian.

I am a loan processor, tinkerer, and custodian of memory from the Philippines. I am on a journey to find meaning in the everyday mundane through writing and memory-keeping.

I share with you how to live beyond the boxes of the present by documenting the tales of what had been and what could have been.

The Writer’s Note

Coming to your mail this June 2022…