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Dreaming of what should have been.
Yearning for what had been.
Let go of the boxes of the mind
and explore life to its fullest potential.

The Archive

Introducing Hiraya at Gunita, your safe space for your hopes, dreams, and memories. It is home – a place where you can fill pages with moments and phenomenal ideas, a haven you can be yourself without judgment, and your outlet for your creative itch.

Sworn to remember moments for eternity? A stack of empty notebooks staring into your soul? Hit two birds with one stone with these snippets of advice on ways to immortalize your days.

Missing the good old times? We always look back to better days when our lives are all spark and glitter, love and life put together. Reminisce through long-forgotten memories with these excerpts of the past.

In this hustle movement, we have exhausted our mental capacity and are on the verge of burnout. Realize the value of slowing down and taking things one step at a time with these chronicles of the mundane.

Meet Sherlene, your memories custodian

I am a loan processor, tinkerer, and custodian of memory from the Philippines. I am on a journey to find meaning in the everyday mundane through writing and memory-keeping.

I share with you how to live beyond the boxes of the present by documenting the tales of what had been and what could have been.

Sherlene Angeles

Immerse yourself in a flash!

Enjoy tales of love and life in 2,000 words or less