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The Ultimate List of Local Art Shops in the Philippines

Local Art Shops Philippines

The pandemic puts a hold on every plan and dream. We are forced to be home to mitigate the impact of the virus. With more time on our hands, we turn to hobbies to fill in the gaps of this sudden shift. Staying entertained during the lockdown has become a top priority. 

Ypulse report found that 88% of teens have been expressing themselves creatively, whether through music (52%), journaling (38%), dancing (34%), photography (33%), or drawing (32%). Data shows that creative outlets are popular hobbies for many young consumers, with art/drawing/painting taking fourth place on the overall hobbies ranking, and dancing, singing, and writing/journaling all in the top 15. (source

Stationery brand Papier also experienced a 300% increase in online sales, and Google Trends reported a 180% increase in the search term “What to write in a thinking of you card?” 

With the population showing interest in creative hobbies, there has been an influx of stationery stores gracing online shelves. Now I curated the ultimate list of shops where we can go on a heavenly bliss of stickers, washi tapes, and other journaling paraphernalia.

Nandemocreative (Shopee)

Doodles by Annela (Shopee)

Shandstudio (Shopee)

Riverstudioph (Shopee)

Theoffbeatcat (Shopee)

Studiopaperbear (Shopee)

Heart Cheeks Studio (Shopee)

Navy peony (Shopee)

Fandomfeels (Shopee)

Peregrina Art and Paper Goods (Shopee)

3amcrafter (Shopee)

Fine Time Studio (Website)

Diyalogo (Website) (Shopee)

Akim – Manila Girls (Shopee)

Talentodesign (Shopee)

Alfajone shop (Shopee)

Paperaicashop PH (Shopee)

Sabgeid (Shopee)

Hues and Prints (Website)

Life After Breakfast (Website)

Cynthia B. Arre (Website)

Cheryl Owen (Common Room)

The Erudite Artist (Shopee)

Cadmium Core (Shopee, Lazada)

Jesa.png (Shopee)

Louise Ramos (Common Room)

Artsyology (Shopify)

Marcella Suller (Shopee, Lazada)

Hopencourage (Shopee)

Keenaprints (Shopee)

Hartprints (Shopee)

Our journaling habits are likely to stay with us, Dr. Priya Raghubir, a business professor at New York University, predicts, even as life resumes normalcy. “We’ve experienced the joys in things like dressing more comfortably and working from home, I would expect that we will see these things continue.” (source

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