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Reminiscent: The Human Memories Zine

Reminiscent - The Human Memories Zine

As someone who is in a pursuit of a creative life, I always look for new projects to tinker. And my favorite place to look for is the Internet. The Internet is a repository of information on a lot of subjects imaginable and I can spend an eternity scouring through it for activities to try. That is when I came upon zines.

One day, I am on Youtube binge when Jordan Clark’s zine video pops up in my recommended page. Curious, I clicked. After watching, I have the sudden itch to create my own. I did extra research – Googling how to’s, watching Youtube videos, scrolling through Pinterest.

Zine, short for magazine, covers a broad range of topics including fanfiction, politics, poetry, art & design, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, intersectional feminism, single-topic obsession, or sexual content, among others. The beauty comes with the flexibility of the subject and format because there is little to no prohibitions. It is, after all, a self-made, self-published media work.

In my case, I chose the human memory as the main theme. The mind is a new universe in its vastness. Many studies are made but a great portion of it remains a secret. Even the best scientists can’t decipher the entirety of it. Its mysterious nature draws me in. This fascination intensifies after reading Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name. Reading the novel leaves me with a certain pain that I am missing on something (or someone) important.

The feeling never leaves – making a further dent in my already fragile mind and heart. There are times I have to get it out of my system or I will explode if I won’t. I need an outlet. That’s when Reminiscent comes into fruition. I put into paper everything I know about the human memories – from quotes, book excerpts, opinion, and a listicle. I could ramble on about my work but I will cut the fuss. Without further ado, let me present to you the product of my semi-obsession Reminiscent: The Human Memories Zine.


Reminiscent Zine Front Page. More on

The zine didn’t make a groundbreaking conclusion on how the memory works. But at most, I am able to write what I think and feel of the human mind. That is enough for me. For now.

Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

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