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On Defining Our Success + 24 Things I Want to Do at 24


There is something about youth that gives us the itch to try new things. I do not know if it is the large reserve of energy that propels us or the FOMO that we get from social media. Whatever the reason is, we have an ongoing list of the activities we love to try and dreams we want to achieve. Some are career-related, some are childish daydreams, the others are adventurous feats. We should go for them no matter where we are in life – whether we are a struggling young professional, a student, or a working mom. We should not let society be the defining standard and timeline of the things we should accomplish. We do not listen to the numerous voices that command us on what to do. We listen to the voice inside us, telling us we could do it, we must do it.

Always remember that someone’s journey is not yours. Someone’s success is not yours. The world is not a cookie-cutter to mold ourselves in. We define our success. We run our race.

Let me warn you. The road to a well-spent life is not easy. There is a reason it is the less traveled one. Obstacles are on the way. Fear seeps in the veins. People judge. We will consider giving up and letting go. Don’t. Remember our past feats. If we did not fight the demons inside us and prove our doubters wrong, would we get the taste of victory?

As mentioned, we have a list of the pursuits we want to chase. I’d been tinkering on this list for a while now and allow me to share it with everyone. Yes! I am going to achieve them in the years to come (or if I permit, accomplish them all before I turn 25 because why not?)

  1. Do some modeling for brands.
  2. Be the muse of someone’s work of art.
  3. Meet a celebrity crush in person.
  4. Attend a seminar of someone whose works and feats I admire.
  5. Write and publish a novel.
  6. Enjoy a concert without recording a video.
  7. Invest in the stock market.
  8. Live independently.
  9. Spend the day doing nothing without guilt.
  10. Go on a spontaneous trip.
  11. Learn and master a new skill – practical and creative.
  12. Cook a full course meal.
  13. Love and be loved without fear.
  14. Do something I’ve never done to get something I never had.
  15. Get my works featured on T.V. or magazine or newspaper (or all of them).
  16. Do cliche Youtube videos and Instagram posts.
  17. Teach a class of kids again.
  18. Volunteer for a cause.
  19. Start and maintain a garden.
  20. Make something with my own hands (e.g. shirt, blanket, chair, etc.)
  21. Be rebellious (but safe) for a day with the best friends.
  22. Collaborate with business-minded and creative people.
  23. Go abroad.
  24. Attend a personality development program.

Time to lift off the pressure and the weight put upon our shoulders. Let us start to live life in its fullest potential, in our own time, in our own accord.

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