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Immortalize: 5 Ways To Document Your Quarantine Days

Immortalize: 5 Ways To Document Your Quarantine Days

The novel coronavirus took over the world with thousands losing their lives and their livelihood. It shaped us in ways no one could ever imagine in their existence. Nobody expected that a virus would affect the world to this degree. We are in an era when there is an answer to every question, science can solve every problem, and when technology continues to evolve. When we thought experts have explanations to the earth’s riddles in a flick of a finger, fate made a sudden turn and presented us with a dilemma we haven’t encountered before.

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The moment will come historians would revise books with the pandemic playing a vital role in the modern age. They will use the Internet and other media outlets as references.

But we should not leave everything to them. Let us chronicle the stories that transpired in our lives. It seems insignificant, considering the enormity of the problem. History books do not have the colorful imagery of living it. They state facts. What they failed to catch is the feelings, the thoughts, and the reflections of people going through.

Now that we are breathing proof of a monumental part of world history, we need to make our memoir. The pandemic is a story for us to tell.

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