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How to Look Your Best in Photos According to Valeria Lipovetsky

How to Look Your Best in Photos

One day, you are scrolling through your social media feed when you came upon a tagged photo of you. “Why do I look so fat here,” contemplating why you appear to be the size of the United States of America when you are not big IRL. Or you have that universally unflattering double chin when your favorite celebrities have jaws so sharp they can through the toughest material. With every gorgeous photo you see online, you feel like you are the world’s greatest potato bag that existed. My dear, there is nothing wrong with you. You are a beautiful human being. But there is something wrong with how you pose in front of the camera. You might think that your favorite celebrities and influencers are inhumanely flawless that it seems unfair to the rest of the population. It is that they learned the art of finding their angles and use it to their advantage. On this two-part video, Canada-based model and Youtube star Valeria Lipovetsky shares her tips and tricks on how to shine on pictures.

In reality, it is not about your appearance but the way you project yourself. Apply these tricks and you will be in your ultimate best the next time you see your tagged social media photos.

Featured Image by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash.

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