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Prologue: How is Life for a 25-Year-Old Before the Pandemic?

February 26, 2020

Here we go again. I am feeling the exhaustion that comes with my ordinary life. Will I remain the same forever?

I was living an average life before the pandemic happened. I used to rant about the minuscule things forever like they are the world’s biggest problem.

After all, I am a 20-something corporate woman trying to make her legacy. Young. Ambitious. Determined. I have my life planned out down to a tee. Vision boards. Goal Trackers. Progress Monitoring. Planners. I have everything that would make me stay laser-focused. I pour my resources into the achievement of my dreams.

Nothing can deter me from achieving my goals.

Or so I thought.

Everything came to a sudden halt when the coronavirus came. My plans were deemed useless. I was disoriented by the plot twist no one predicted (and wanted). I was clueless. I was a mess. I was imprisoned by the high walls that the pandemic built. I stayed in one place even if I was meant to discover the world.

A year had passed since the quarantine was first declared. I may have gotten used to breathing in this new life, but my heart yearns for the past. Yes, I know reminiscing will never turn them back. Yet please indulge me. 

Memories were rushing down playing like my favorite TV show in front of me. I could not make myself look away or turn off the show. I said I would not care less but I know I do. Deep inside I wanted to see how my past life goes.

This was my life before the pandemic.

It was a typical workday. I was in the law office, taking care of some documents.

The television was on and the news was all about the COVID-19 – its first Philippine case, alcohol shortage, and the grave situation in Wuhan – the epicenter of the virus.

Back then, it felt distant. Faraway. COVID-19 was a tale I hear on the news.

It happened to people from the other side of the world, not to me. I was indifferent. I had far more important matters to attend to. I was busy beating deadlines and meeting expectations. I would not be affected anyway.

I was even annoyed, “So what, if people buy more alcohol? They could just manufacture more.”

It was my last taste of a normal day.

Then the president announced the lockdown.

The show shifted to a new scene.

We were in a meeting. Our manager asked us about the seminar we attended in Manila. More lessons were taught. We shared stories. We exchanged jokes We laughed. We were carefree – absorbed in our little realm. Life was much easier back then.

Another scene played.

I was in the mall – admiring bonsais in the exhibit. I was busy taking photos, observing the plants, and making unsolicited opinions.

It was mundane. Nothing extraordinary. At least we were free.

At times, I would go through my journals, and photos to reminisce the times I can move around. There was nothing holding me back except my own limitations. Now, I have a lot of problems to worry about – my family’s health, my safety, the future, among others.

I took the little blessings for granted – traveling, eating out with colleagues, going to parties, attending exhibits and bazaars, meeting new people, watching in cinemas.

All of these are gone.

I should have been thankful.

I am used to complaining for eternity. Now I am grateful.

I wish I could go back. I know I never will.

February 19, 2021

This week is like the others. Nothing monumental. It is only about going with the routine. That is okay. Steady is fine. Steady is safe.

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