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Graduation 2016 + My Plans for My Future and the Blog

Graduation 2016 + My Plans for My Future and the Blog

My college journey officially ended last April 22.

I am feeling a mix of extreme emotions on this special event. I am ecstatic, mournful and reminiscent all at the same time. I am going to miss school because of the things I will leave behind – the university, allowances from parents, even endless academic demands, horror of possible subject failure, and procrastination. I can’t believe I am saying all these. But I know in the deepest part of my heart and mind that these are true. The memories and life lessons that I acquired stay with me and will guide me in the corporate world.

Thank you!

I also would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to the people who helped me made things possible.

Warning: The next part is over the top cheesy. But it’s the least I can do for the people who had given me everything.

Thank you to my family, friends, professors and other colleagues who had aided and supported me to finish my studies. Thank you for keeping me sane and being there for me in my glorious moments, dark nights and mundane days. Thank you for believing in me even if there are times I don’t believe in myself anymore. At the same time, I am also grateful to the people who didn’t believe in my capabilities. Your criticisms and skepticism motivated me to do my best to prove myself worthy of the best things in life.

Graduation 2016

The High School Beshies, Marian, and Thea

Graduation 2016

Congratulations to Reminiscent Perfume for bagging the Best in Business Plan Implementation

Above all, thank you to the Almighty for guiding me on this journey and for giving me the strength and wisdom to face all the challenges that come my way.

Congratulations and God bless us – graduates of 2016. Cheers to the coming successful years ahead!

The Future

My Plans for the Future

Now that the celebration was done, it’s time for reality to set in. We are done with school. We have to be responsible for our own lives now.

In my case, I’ve been imagining this scenario since forever – finishing my studies, going out of my realm and exploring possibilities. I will make these daydreams come to life and I am excited. What does life have in store for me? How will I achieve my goals? What are the challenges that may come my way? So many questions with no answers that make me feel fear in my gut sometimes. But I set it aside. I’d been waiting and preparing for this my entire life. I know that I am more than ready to start my quest to career success, creative life, and happiness. From now on, I will navigate my own journey to make my dreams come true.

This is the start and I am not afraid. 

Welcome to the Blog!

This blog will be my new personal haven in the online universe. This is where I’ll be documenting my experiences, thoughts, and tips on a passionate and creative career life. I may not be an expert YET. But I’ll learn my lessons along the way and this little space will be the concrete witness of it all (and you, hopefully).

This is the start and I am doing this!

Graduation 2016 + My Plans for My Future and the Blog 2

How about you?

  1. How was your graduation day during your time?

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