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The Complexity of Life + My Happy List

Before, surviving the everyday life and meeting the family’s needs are enough to satisfy man’s contentment. But the world turned complicated with the passing of time and it is not the case today. The society has put on a new level of pressure upon our shoulders. It wants us to be more ambitious, more intelligent and more competitive. Every day is a battle. Everyone is equipped with armors and weapons of the modern world –technologically advanced gadgets, fashionable garments, fearless view and philosophies, and updated career skill set.

We always need more. We always want more. We have the insatiable thirst to be better – eventually to be the best. This is the reason why we become the unstoppable force of nature. Always working, never resting our laurels.

For me, this outlook is completely fine – if done in moderation. We should work towards excellence in a way that leaves no room for mediocrity and complacency. But there is a thin line between drive and greed. There are moments when we are so consumed with our own goals that we are willing to do everything in our will to make them a reality – even at the expense of the people who we dedicate this supposed success. Even at the expense of our own happiness.

Before, I thought that achievements make a person. I have seen the likes of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain rise to this so-called success only to take their own lives. We thought they have everything someone could possibly ask for – money, fame, and recognitions. But they don’t. Career accomplishments and luxurious possessions aren’t everything.

That is why I always make it a point to slow down once in a while and revere to the beauty created by the Almighty.

One day, I decided to define what that beauty is for me and came up with this list.

  1. The feeling of body scrub particles in my skin
  2. The sound of crackling ice
  3. Back issues of my favorite magazine
  4. Fresh bedsheets
  5. Finding good stationery products in a sea of boring school/office supplies
  6. A good T.V series (because I rarely finish one)
  7. “I’m so full I may not eat in the next four days.” feeling
  8. Early walks
  9. Stuffs that last a long time aka getting my money’s worth
  10. The sleepy feeling during spa sessions
  11. A good pen that makes my handwriting pretty
  12. Finding random coins
  13. Hearing songs I haven’t heard for the longest time in public places
  14. Remembering memorable moments with family and friends
  15. Surprises (they’re rare, in my case)
  16. The smell of a newly-cleaned room
  17. Bubble wrap
  18. Idea execution
  19. Anything that deals with bread
  20. Ice cream on a hot summer day
  21. The smell of flowers carried by the wind
  22. Early morning stillness
  23. Full moon
  24. Having my hair shampooed in hair salons
  25. Back massages
  26. Discovering money I didn’t remember owning
  27. A book I can’t put down
  28. Handwritten letters
  29. Random compliments
  30. Kind strangers
  31. Loved ones giving me things because it reminded them of me
  32. Laughing so hard I feel like I’m growing abs
  33. “Where have you been all my life?” feeling when I discover good content – blogs, books, podcasts, Youtube channels
  34. Low-maintenance friends who are with me for almost a decade and who are always willing to listen to my senseless stories
  35. Family (do I need to say more?)

Life has been fast, convenient, and instant that we forget to appreciate the little things that make us happy. I think we should do it more often. Go for walks. Spend time with family and friends. Take a hobby. These seemingly mundane activities will make us realize that life is wonderful as it always is.

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