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Chase Dreams, Not People

Chase Dreams Not People

It was in the middle of 2016 when I met someone who I thought would change my life completely.

Sounds like a start of your typical YA novel, huh?

Seriously it really did happen to me and you might even find it super idealistic since I only get to know him for two days and we barely talked to each other during that time. Regardless of the circumstances, I considered this young man as my ideal guy – neat, kind and approachable. I only have him in mind all the time that I get distracted by the necessary activities I should be accomplishing most especially my job hunting. Even if a few months had passed, I cannot take my mind off him. This could have been the effect of reading too much John Green books in my life. I began to think it is possible to ‘love’ someone I just met (and have it returned).

Stop those silly daydreams!
I can’t. Daydreams are good places to stay in.

But a quotation I encountered hit me and made me go back to reality (You know how a simple line can affect you in a great way).

Chase Dreams Not People

Chase Dreams, Not People. Photo via Pinterest

That is when I realized it is not about going after people who you want to be with. Go for your dreams instead.

Want to be a successful career woman? Work for it!
Want to have your own business? Start it!
How about a healthier lifestyle? Run!

Life is about choosing your own battles. Make things happen in the situations you should make it happen. Goals and ambitions are the things you should pour your attention and energy to. When you are in the way of making your dreams come true, that might also be the time you attract the right person as well. You should let things happen in the circumstances you should let it. Chasing people who you want to be with is a total waste of time and energy. If they are meant to be with you, you do not have to go after them like a desperate lunatic.

Unlike people, going after your dreams will give you the satisfaction you are doing something worthy in your life. It is not your nature to depend your happiness on other people. They leave and move on. Aspirations don’t. Aside from books, consider dreams as the ultimate dumpees. Set them aside and they’ll wait for you. Put attention on them and they’ll love you back. The drive may dim but it stays.

Live on the terms of not depending your happiness and contentment to other people. Do the things you know will bring you closer to your goals. Live your life to its fullest and without knowing it, people worthy to be a part of your life will come.

How about you?

  1. Did you come to a point when you forgot about your priorities because of someone? What happened? What are your realizations and learnings?

Featured Image by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

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