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Breathing a New Life to the Online Abode

Breathing a New Life to the Online Abode

Everyone has that project that is special to their heart. For some, it is an ongoing painting or novel writing. In my case, it is this blog.

I consider this website as my home where I am comfortable sharing my thoughts and experimenting with creative activities.

But in the past few months, the space was abandoned. I was nowhere to be found. It was eerily quiet with no one writing about her latest exploits. I got tired. Unmotivated. Drained.

Who would notice anyway? No one sees. No one visits. No one appreciates it.

It remained this way in the past months. I go on with my everyday routine – working in the office, spending my time with my family, and trying my best to stay alive. But the site is at the back of my mind. I consider updating it. I miss filling the pages with my thoughts and tales from my life. I imagine writing on it again.

Yet it remained untouched.

I thought I would never open it again. It’s been 2 months. But in one of my random brain dump sessions, I had a Eureka moment. I collected more ideas and started working. I did not stop. I used that spark to fuel a fire that will help me start, continue, and finish this project.

I’d come to many places. I went on a lot of adventures. I spent time on other endeavors. I’d come so far but I know my feet will take me to where my heart says.

I am back.

I am home.

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