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Are promises meant to be broken?

This online space underwent a series of launches with the goal of practicing my writing on a regular basis. But I am in a constant battle of life fluidity, quarantines, and a demanding corporate job.

Ever since my co-worker left her post in 2020, she is never replaced. With that, I have to juggle a heavy stream of work by myself, leaving me with little time and energy for this endeavor. As if the grave situation does not suffice, I also underwent a series of quarantines which is another deviation from the everyday mundane. I was left frightened and confused with nowhere to go.

For the nth time, the blog went to collect dust in the depth of my mind. Abandoned. Untouched.

Now, I am trying to find my groove again in this fast-paced, high pressure world. This time, I would not make any promises like before so I wouldn’t break anything. I only have to try my best and see where it gets me.

Where will my efforts lead me?

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